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Did You Know: Traveler Locator Map

You know the old saying “expect the unexpected?” Well in our experience, when it comes to travel, this couldn’t be more true. Unfortunately, nowadays the unexpected is commonplace – from natural disasters or inclement weather to terrorism to computer outages, travelers never know what they’re going to get. With the unexpected in mind, businesses have a responsibility to keep their employees safe and travel managers need to know where their business travelers are in times of crisis.

At AmTrav, we know that duty of care is important. We know to always expect the unexpected and are committed to helping you keep your travelers safe. Did you know that you can see exactly where your travelers are at any time with our Traveler Locator map? Located in our real-time reporting dashboard – in the same place where you can approve trips, check your spend, run reports. etc. – our Traveler Locator live dashboard is extremely convenient, especially during those times of inclement weather or a disaster. Below the map you’ll find a list of your travelers and their itineraries. You can zoom in on a specific area and the section below the map will display the travelers in that specific region and with a quick click, you’ll be able to view their itinerary.

So next time you’re hit with the unexpected, rest assured that AmTrav will help make sure your travelers are safe. To learn more or check out our Traveler Locator Map for yourself, feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-795-8371.

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