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How Do I Sign Up for SWABIZ?

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Enrolling your company in SWABIZ is free, quick and easy. Follow these steps below to sign up for SWABIZ and start earning valuable.

Step 1: Gather your company information including:

  • Company name (legal name and any DBA)
  • Company business address and official phone number -- note, only United States addresses are accepted.
  • Company EIN (Employer Identification Number) or D-U-N-S number (D&B)
  • Number of company employees and travelers (travelers could be employees or non-employees)
  • Estimated annual travel spend for airline tickets, hotels and car rentals
  • Industry
  • How you heard about SWABIZ (feel free to say "AmTrav!")
  • Contact information for your travel manager, or the person who will work with Southwest and manage your SWABIZ account

Step 2: head over to the SWABIZ website to enter this information and set up your account -- that's it!

Click here to enroll today.

Note: this page is still under construction 👷👷👷! Check back soon for complete answers!

How do I earn SWABIZ points?

What's the difference between SWABIZ and Rapid Rewards?

SWABIZ is Southwest's corporate rewards program for earning and redeeming corporate awards -- all company travelers earn SWABIZ rewards for the company. Rapid Rewards is Southwest's frequent flyer loyalty program for individuals, those individual travelers can use their Rapid Rewards points to book free travel on Southwest!

Can travelers earn both SWABIZ rewards and Rapid Rewards?

Yes, company travelers will earn SWABIZ rewards for the company and Rapid Rewards points for themselves when traveling for company business.

How can I use SWABIZ points and rewards?

Does SWABIZ include any discounts on Southwest flights and fares?

No, SWABIZ does not include any automatic discounts on Southwest flights and fares. That said, if your company spends upwards of a couple thousand dollars a year on Southwest (the exact threshold varies year to year) then Southwest might be willing to negotiate discounts with you to win your business! AmTrav Travel Advisors are expert negotiators, ready to help you get the best deal with Southwest and all your travel suppliers -- reach out today!

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