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How Moving Away From the Status Quo of Travel Management Resulted in Much Better Service


About PPM America

As part of a global financial organization, PPM America has the expertise, reach, and resources to provide clients with investment solutions across markets. However, like a smaller shop, they remain nimble, investment-led and responsive to opportunities. Their mission is to deliver solutions and services to meet the unique investment objectives of their investors.


The Problem - Situation Pre-AmTrav

PPM, an investment management firm based in Chicago, IL, needed to simplify business travel for their employees and travel managers.

  • Employees were not following travel policy
  • Lack of due diligence was a big problem
  • There was inconsistency across the board

What PPM America Needed:

At PPM, traveling is crucial to business. As money managers, employees must travel frequently to evaluate investment properties, make presentations, perform due diligence, and more. PPM wanted to make travel easier for their employees so they would not need to book and solve travel problems by themselves. The ideal solution needed to:

  • Increase compliance
  • Create consistency across the board for their travelers
  • Save money

In short, PPM wanted their travelers to be taken care of. They also wanted to save money and have a TMC that would help manage their travelers.

Results with AmTrav:

PPM wanted to work with a travel management company that understood and would devote time to their nuances. They selected AmTrav for this reason and several others:

  • AmTrav’s solution is extremely user-friendly.
  • AmTrav had the best mix of technology and live support. It was important for all of the administrators at PPM - those who prefer phone support and those who prefer online support - to find a solution that was comfortable and met everyone’s’ needs. PPM found that with AmTrav.
  • AmTrav’s team has extensive knowledge about the business travel space and is able to answer any question thrown at them.
  • AmTrav keeps it simple, saves PPM money, and makes PPM’s travel managers’ lives easier.

AmTrav makes PPM’s travelers and travel managers lives easier by taking care of their business travel needs so that they can do what they were hired to do instead of wasting time managing travel themselves. 

Results Speak for themselves... 

User Friendly
Extensive Knowledge
“As a result of the partnership with AmTrav, PPM is now able to efficiently book travel and save money.”

Laura R,  PPM America, Inc. 

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