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whAT DOES travel HAVE TO DO WITH fischer homes' 97% customer satisfaction RATE?

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About Fischer Homes

Fischer Homes lives up to their commitment to "promise what you deliver, and deliver what you promise," achieving 97% customer satisfaction on the 2,000 homes they build every year for homebuyers across the Midwest and South.

Fischer empowers local teams to understand and meet local markets' needs, but employees travel frequently to build a strong culture and do rigorous training that ensure consistent construction quality and buying experience across geographies.

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The Problem, Pre-AmTrav

Fischer Homes, a Cincinnati-based homebuilder building across six geographic regions, used airline, hotel and leisure websites to book their travelers:

  • DIY travel booking took an entire day to book
  • No easy way to track traveler location or travel spend
  • Travel bookers were on call nights and weekends to help stranded travelers

What Fischer Needed:

Fischer needed an efficient all-in-one travel solution to save time and hassle, around the clock. The ideal solution needed to:

  • Easily access all airline, hotel and car rental options in one tool
  • Automatically track spending and traveler location.
  • Assist travelers with changes and emergencies 24/7

Results With AmTrav

AmTrav met with Fischer Homes to understand Fischer's unique needs and design a travel program for Fischer:

  • Bookers can book for travelers in 5 or 10 minutes with AmTrav, with travelers' loyalty accounts automatically applied.
  • AmTrav Travel Reports have Fischer's own job codes that Fischer can count on for travel spend reporting and budgeting.
  • Fischer travel admins see where all travelers are right now in the AmTrav Traveler Tracker.
  • Fischer tells travelers "if you need help at night or on the weekend, call AmTrav" so bookers don't have to be on call 24/7.

Fischer saves time and hassle with AmTrav’s all-in-one solution so they can focus on the training and culture that drive 97% customer satisfaction.

Focus on what matters...

Ready to help
Time to make a booking
Fischer Homes Customer Satisfaction

Beverly's story

Travel is essential to Fischer's training and Fischer's culture, and Beverly Turner is essential to Fischer's travel.

Like many AmTrav travel administrators Beverly wears many hats. Hear from Beverly about how she saves time managing travel with AmTrav so she has more time to help with Fischer's forecasting and strategic planning.

Beverly Turner Fischer Homes
AmTrav is all one platform, you can do everything together.”

Beverly Turner at Fischer Homes

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