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The AmTrav app is designed to help travelers on the road get information and help even faster.

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So what can this mobile app do?

In the AmTrav mobile app you and your travelers can:

  • See details of each of your upcoming trips right at the top of the app in View Trip
  • Book a flight, hotel or car, cancel a trip, modify your trip and more in the A2B section with easy access to full booking tool functionality.
  • Chat with an AmTrav Travel Advisor to make or update your travel plans in Chat.
  • Use Call to give us a call if it’s easier for you, two touches to call an AmTrav Travel Advisor.
  • Need to look up your loyalty numbers? They’re right in Profile for your reference.

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Who is the app for?

The AmTrav app enables travelers who have upcoming trips or are on the road to get help fast, wherever they are. In addition to viewing their trips, travelers can chat or call AmTrav Travel Advisors for immediate help making, updating  or adjusting travel plans, whether in advance or in a pinch. Travelers, coordinators and administrators can also shop and make airline, rail, hotel and car rental bookings, self-service cancel plans, and view administrative features like travel reports in the app via the A2B button, but again the app is best for travelers with active bookings.


How much does it cost to download and use the AmTrav app?

Download is free, anyone who can log into the AmTrav a2b booking tool will be able to log into the AmTrav app with their password or with a one-time passcode sent to their registered email. Regular AmTrav booking and service fees as negotiated by your company apply to bookings and service via the app.


Wait, I don't have a password but I can access the AmTrav booking tool, how do I log into the app?

When you open the app to the login screen you'll see an option "Log in with a one-time passcode." When you click that you can enter your email address that's associated with your AmTrav account (probably your work email), we'll email you a one-time use six-digit code that you can enter to log into the AmTrav app.

Do users need to log into the app every time they open the app?

No, like other travel apps, the Facebook app, the Amazon app, the Starbucks app and many others, the AmTrav app relies on the biometric or passcode security features on users' phones so users are not required to re-log in every time they open the app. That said, like the AmTrav a2b booking tool website, if a user's profile is deleted or access is otherwise taken away, AmTrav will restrict access and the user will be logged out of the AmTrav app.


What's the long term vision for the AmTrav App?

Chat is central to the app -- the long term vision is to continually upgrade our chat capabilities. AmTrav chat already automatically provides context to our Travel Advisors so they don't have to ask you your name or booking number, and in the future we envision providing fast, automated responses to straightforward questions ("Is my flight on time?"), with rich flight, hotel and car results that allow you to see itinerary details like departure times for a number of options and select the option that works best for you. Sound familiar? That's because AmTrav CEO Jeff has written about this before in "Why we decided to build our own chat platform."


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