AmTrav Travel Advisories Report FAQ

Quickly assess risk to your international travelers in one easy a2b report

AmTrav's Travel Advisories Report shows details of your travelers' upcoming international trips along with the current U.S. State Department Travel Advisory level and a link to the State Department website with more detail on that country. You can use this report to quickly see where your travelers are going internationally and what risk level the State Department sees in that country.


What are State Department Travel Advisories?

The United States State Department issues Travel Advisories for over 200 foreign countries categorizing the risk of travel to each country from Level 1 (not much risk for travelers in this country) to Level 4 (there’s a lot of risk to travelers in this country). Each Advisory also includes detail on whether the risk is due to health threats, terrorism threats, crime threats, and so on. The State Department updates each Travel Advisory as conditions in the country warrant, AmTrav retrieves the latest Advisories from the State Department every day. To learn more, we highly recommend the State Department Travel Advisories FAQ.

AmTrav chose to share State Department Travel Advisories with you because we believe the U.S. State Department is a fair arbiter of on-the-ground conditions and risks to travelers globally.


This report is great, does it replace my International SOS (ISOS) or WorldAware subscription?

No. The a2b Travel Advisories report allows you to quickly see risks to your travelers by combining AmTrav traveler tracking with State Department Travel Advisories. Duty of care companies like ISOS and WorldAware offer more-detailed risk assessments, additional traveler tracking capabilities and more expert advice than the Travel Advisories report provides.


I don’t see any trips listed in the Travel Advisories report right now, are you sure it’s working?

It’s possible that your company has no international travel scheduled right now. Rest assured that once your travelers do start traveling internationally their upcoming trips will show up in the Travel Advisories report along with the risk level for every country they visit.


Can AmTrav also show these State Department Travel Advisories to bookers and travelers when they're booking travel in a2b?

The Travel Advisories report shows AmTrav Admins and Bookers what Travel Advisories affect current and future booked trips, Travel Advisories are not available in a2b’s shopping and booking section. That said, we always welcome feedback on AmTrav tools and services, please reach out if you think we should show Travel Advisories to users elsewhere in a2b.


I have travelers in or scheduled to travel to a country with a Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisory, what do I do?!

First step: take a deep breath -- always a good first step! Second step: read the travel advisory on the State Department website, understand what’s happening in the country that your traveler is visiting. Also research the visa restrictions and exact travel prohibitions for the country. Third step: talk with your leaders, make sure they are aware of the situation. Also reach out to the traveler, make sure he or she is aware of the situation in the country. Feel free to contact your AmTrav Account Manager as well, get his or her advice.

With this done, you’re ready to decide whether the risk is acceptable or whether this trip should be changed. Either way, AmTrav Travel Advisors are ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year with your travel plans.


There’s a global advisory applied to all countries right now, why doesn’t the Travel Advisories report show that for all foreign travel?

You are paying very close attention, we appreciate that! We decided to show the country-specific advisories instead of the global advisory so that you could more-easily consider both advisories.


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