AmTrav Gather FAQ for Arrangers

Answers to all of your questions about Gather's easy, traveler-pleasing guest & meeting travel booking solution.


Gather is a powerful and flexible tool, check these FAQs for help setting up the perfect guest and meetings travel invitations for your needs. Sections here:

  • Configurating Gather meetings: useful information as you create meetings and invite travelers.
  • Gather setup: what you can do before you even create a Gather meeting.

Configuring Gather meetings:

I have some travelers traveling internationally and some traveling domestically, how do I set different price limits on their flights?

use policies

I have some travelers who can fly economy, others who can fly business or first, how do I allow them to fly in their different cabins on the same Gather meeting?

Who can create Gather meetings and invite guest and meeting attendees?

All of your Administrator users can create Gather meetings, configure the policies and parameters for the travel, and invite guest and meeting attendees to book their own itineraries within the policies and parameters that the Administrator set. Additionally, you can grant select Coordinators on your team access to create, configure and invite attendees via Gather, to do this please contact your AmTrav Relationship Manager and they will set that up for you (in the future we will enable you to make this designation yourself in the Coordinator's profile).

Can I block bookers from seeing out of policy itinerary options?

No, Gather does not give you the ability to block bookers from seeing out of policy itinerary options. AmTrav does not block out of policy options for three reasons:

  1. In the event that all in-policy options are sold out, that bookers recognize that in-policy options are impractical or in-policy options are far more expensive than out-of-policy options, travelers need the ability to select out-of-policy options. We'd prefer (and we think you'd prefer) that they select out-of-policy options in AmTrav so that you can see their booking and approve or reject it, rather than leaving AmTrav and booking on a different site where you have no visibility and control.
  2. AmTrav is committed to having all itinerary, fare and rate options -- it gives us great pain to hear "I found another itinerary elsewhere" or "I found a lower fare elsewhere" -- so we do our best to show all options, giving bookers confidence to trust that we have all options and they don't need to search elsewhere. Blocking out-of-policy options would hurt that confidence.
  3. Bookers will know that they're breaking policy and why, they're alerted 1. when they select itinerary options, 2. on the itinerary review page, and 3. on the booking page. Also on the booking page they have to give a reason why they chose an out-of-policy option -- so they'll know that they violated policy.
  4. Finally, you can set approval requirements in Gather that allow you to review all bookings or any out-of-policy bookings, viewing the booker's reasoning and approving or rejecting the booking as you see fit so that you can decide whether the out-of-policy options are acceptable or not.

For these reasons we believe that you and your bookers are better served by displaying all options, with full visibility and control for you as the arranger and approver.


Can travelers book oneway or multi-city flights in Gather?

Yes. Travelers can select oneway or multi-city when searching for flights, these may be flagged as out of policy if they don't use the specified airports (they can still book those but you'll need to approve the booking if you're requested that all or any out-of-policy bookings require approval).

If a coordinator or administrator books for a traveler, can that coordinator or administrator book the traveler's Gather trip?

Is there a limit to how many travelers can be invited to a Gather meeting?

Can I un-invite a traveler?

Yes! Until a traveler has booked their travel you can simply delete their invitation on your Gather meeting using the red trashcan button on the traveler's entry under Who's Going. If the traveler has already booked you can access and modify or cancel their booking by clicking on the booking number on the right side of that traveler's entry.

Do travelers have to travel under their own travel policy in Gather?


I want to pay for a hotel on behalf of my traveler, how can I do that? 

Prepaid Leisure Rates, your virtual card solution

What are Leisure Rates?

Can travelers include their own loyalty profiles and secure traveler information through Gather?

Who can approve Gather bookings?

Anyone who 1. has access to Gather (so any Administrator on your account plus any Coordinators that you've granted access to Gather) and 2. you add as an approver on a Gather meeting can approve Gather bookings.

What happens if I reject a Gather booking approval?

You may need to reject a booking approval -- the booker didn't follow the policies or itinerary parameters that you set and you'd like them to book the trip again. Not a big deal! You can reject the booking by clicking the red Reject button in your email or on the AmTrav Approvals page and provide a reason why you rejected the booking. That booking will be canceled and the guest booker will receive an email notifying them that their booking approval was rejected along with your explanation, then your guest can then rebook themselves using the same Gather invitation.


Rental cars + direct bills

What are fees? they're per-trip, how that works

Why do I see both Invites and Gather meetings? Because invites are any Gather meetings you've been invited to book for, including any members of your team. Gather is where you configure your meetings and invite attendees.

Booking travel through Gather

using unused tickets

can i book on behalf of registered traveler?

can i use gather to book on behalf of unregistered traveler?

Can you book a hotel or car before booking a flight?

I booked my hotel or car but need to add a flight, how do I do that?

virtual payments

Can I uninvite travelers booked through Gather?

Gather setup:

I invited a non-employee traveler to book through Gather, will they always have access to my company's credit cards and discounts?

No. When you invite non-employee travelers to book through Gather they can access your company credit cards (if and how you allow them to, as described above) and your negotiated rates, saving you reimbursement hassles, saving your company money and earning your company valuable supplier credit on these guest and meeting trips. Your non-employee travelers can only access these company cards and rates for the trip that you invite them to, their account is not connected to your company account so they will not be able to pay for or access your rates for any other trips booked through AmTrav.