How to: configure flights & rail in Gather

Details on setting flight and rail parameters and policies in AmTrav Gather


Add Flights & Rail: Set the parameters, policies and payments for any flights and rail itineraries for your guests:

  • The Destination is pre-populated with your Meeting Location that you provided in the meeting setup, you can update this if you'd like for your flights.
  • Select airports and rail stations that guests can arrive and depart from, specifying the latest they should arrive (including the day before) and the earliest they can depart (including the following day) for each airport or rail station. This way your guests can choose flights or trains going to and from any of these locations, AmTrav will flag locations that you don't choose and itineraries that arrive too late or or depart too early as out of policy for your guests.
  • Set a Maximum Price for airfare (the whole itinerary) or default to your travel policy's airfare limits (you'll specify a travel policy for each guest traveler in Add Attendee), itineraries that exceed the airfare limit that you or your policy set will be flagged as out of policy for your guests.
  • Select which Airline your guests should book, including: 1. all airlines (no limits on airlines -- we expect this to be most common), 2. default to your travel policy's airline guidelines (set in Add Attendee), 3. only your preferred carriers specified in your Company Settings, 4. block ultra low cost carriers (Frontier and Spirit Airlines), or 5. only specific a specific carrier. Itineraries that violate these Airline guidelines will be flagged as out of policy for your guests.
  • Select the maximum Cabin your guests should book, either default to your travel policy's cabin guidelines (set in Add Attendee) or a specific cabin. Fares and itineraries that violate these Cabin guidelines will be flagged as out of policy for your guests.
  • Finally select the Payment Options you'd like your guests to use for their flights: 1. default to the cards selected in your travel policy (set in Add Attendee), 2. traveler responsible for payment through AmTrav, 3. traveler pay with their own card through AmTrav then request reimbursement directly with you, or 4. specify a specific card that's saved in your Company Settings.

Once this is done click Save, you'll see a summary of the flight policies and parameters in the Meeting and you can edit the flight settings or remove the flight at any time from the Meeting.


More information about configuring Gather meetings.


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