Gather Traveler Service FAQ

Important information about support for Gather arrangers and travelers, and about Gather pricing.

I have questions about configuring Gather meetings, inviting travelers and more -- how can I get help?

Great question, three steps:

  1. You're in the Knowledge Base, check out articles about Gather for answers to frequently asked questions (and try the search bar at the top of the page).
  2. Attend a Gather demo webinar, we take questions on every webinar and would love to answer yours.
  3. Submit your question via our Gather Feedback Survey, we'll respond ASAP.

How can travelers invited through Gather to book their travel?

Travelers invited to book through Gather can use the "Book your trip" link in their invitation email from AmTrav to access AmTrav and book their travel through AmTrav's a2b booking tool within your policies & parameters. In the future we will enable your Gather guest and meeting travelers to book with AmTrav Travel Advisors over the phone or chat (within your Gather policies and parameters) if your travelers prefer that human service, however this option isn't yet ready.

How can travelers invited to book through Gather change their travel?

Travelers who book through Gather can access AmTrav via phone, chat, email or text 24x7 to update their travel plans or escape travel jams -- no need to call you or call airlines and hotels directly, we're ready to help. And thanks to Gather's per-trip pricing, travelers don't need to worry about incurring fees from AmTrav, they can get as much additional help as they need from AmTrav at no additional cost.

How does Gather per-trip pricing work?

When a traveler books through Gather they're charged a one-time, one-trip fee for their itinerary at booking. That fee covers the flights, hotels and car rentals on the booking, plus any additional changes or help they need with that trip, either online through AmTrav or with Amtrav Travel Advisors. A per-trip fee is charged for each traveler, Gather per-trip fees are nonrefundable.

Can I uninvite or cancel trips booked through Gather?

Yes, because Gather bookings are associated with your AmTrav account you can locate and cancel those bookings through your company account if you need to. To uninvite a traveler, either delete them from your list of Who's Going in the Gather meeting if they haven't yet booked, or first cancel their itinerary then delete them from your list of Who's Going in the Gather meeting if they have already booked.

What happens to tickets booked through Gather that go unused?

AmTrav will continue holding any unused tickets. Tickets issued to your registered travelers or unregistered employees will populate in your Unused Ticket Report and be available for your use. Tickets issued to your unregistered travelers that were paid with your company's cards or reimbursed can be transferred to your account and your Unused Ticket Report upon request to AmTrav (we're working to automate this).