How do I add an air policy to our account?

Add an Air Policy to your travel policy to help your bookers and travelers find flights and fares that work for both them and your company.

An air (and rail) policy allows you to set guidelines so your bookers and travelers pick flights and fares that make sense both for them and for the company. Travel policy helps you control cost and optimize your supplier strategy.

After you've created a policy, here's how to add an air policy:

Step 1: Click Travel Policy on the left side of your dashboard. 

Travel Policy from Home

Step 2: Click the travel policy under Policies that you would like to edit.

Travel Policy 1a

Step 3: Scroll down to the Flight Policy area and enter the policy details, including:

  • Maximum airfare for domestic and international trips and minimum advance purchase required.
  • Authorized cabin controlling whether travelers can book economy or premium cabins on domestic and international trips, and which airlines are allowed. Also the amount that travelers can spend on premium seating and Southwest EarlyBird boarding.
  • Whether Basic Economy fare types are shown and refundable-only searches are allowed.
  • The amount over lowest logistical fares (the market rates) that travelers can book.
  • How many travelers flying together are allowed.

Once you've selected your options, click Save at the bottom to commit each section.

Note: next to each of these Air Policy fields is a (i), hover over that to learn more about that policy field.

Travel Policy flight policy

That's it! Bookers and travelers will now see flags in their flights display showing which options are out of policy (and why) and guiding them to select in-policy options. If they select an out-of-policy flight or fare they'll be reminded of the policy and asked for an explanation at booking.


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