How do I add or update my credit card in my profile?

Add or update your credit card in your profile for your own travel needs

NOTE: looking to add or update a company credit card for many travelers on an account? That article is over here.

Your company may have company cards stored to the company account to pay for some types of travel -- say, all airline tickets and hotels -- but you may still want your own card stored in your account too. You could use your own card to pay for extras that your company won't pay for like extra legroom seats or Southwest EarlyBird Boarding (depending on your company's travel policy), for your own personal travel, or in cases where your company doesn't have a card available so you'll use your own card and later expense the travel.

Note that a card added to your profile can only be used when you are the traveler, whether you're booking in a2b or a Coordinator or Administrator is booking on your behalf.

Here's how to add your own card to your profile:

Step 1: Click on My Profile on the left side of the AmTrav page. 

Step 2: Scroll down to the Credit Cards section and click +Add New Credit Card or if you're updating a card click on the last four digits of the card.

Step 3: In the Add Credit Card box enter or update the card details and billing information. Click Add

  • Description is your own description for the card, label it something so you'll recognize this card as your own card.
  • Use for is self-explanatory, you can decide whether your card can be used for all purchases, only air purchases, or only hotel and car purchases.
  • Bill to is usually set to "Me," if you want the card to bill to the company you'll do that by submitting an expense report.

Step 4 (important!): call an AmTrav Travel Advisor to confirm that your card is added to your profile, they'll double-check that everything looks good for you when you're ready to book! 


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