How do I add custom search locations for my company's frequent travel destinations?

Program locations that your travelers visit often like your company's offices and facilities to speed up flight, hotel and car rental bookings.

When you program Custom Search Locations your bookers can auto-populate these locations in their Flights, Hotels and Cars searches, saving them time. Here’s how you can add those custom search locations to make planning travel simple across your company:

Note: trying to add custom search locations for yourself? Article on adding your own custom search locations is over here.

Step 1: Click on Company Settings on the left side of a2b.

Step 2: Scroll down to Custom Search Locations. Click on +Add New Custom Search Location.

Step 3: Enter the address and description for the location and click Add. The location you added will now appear in the list under Custom Search Locations. 

Your Custom Search Locations will be available to all of your bookers in the Flights & Rail, Hotels and Cars search boxes. When you start typing in the location, it will be the first auto-fill option. Select it and continue booking. 


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