How do I approve an itinerary for my travelers?

There are two easy ways to review and approve your travelers' trips before they're fully paid is easy.

Note: AmTrav Administrators and Coordinators designated as approvers have 24 hours from the time of booking to approve (or reject) a trip. Trips not approved within 24 hours will be automatically canceled.

If your travel policy requires approval for some or all trips (as configured in your travel policy -- learn more), here’s how to review and approve or reject itineraries:

The easiest way to approve trips is to look for the AmTrav Approval Request email entitled "ACTION REQUIRED - AmTrav Approval Request" that's sent to approvers for every booking that requires approval. This email includes the trip details for your review, if an out-of-policy itinerary was selected you'll be able to see alternate options that were not chosen, you can approve or reject the booking with the buttons at the bottom of the email (note: this sample is truncated):

Note: in certain cases (approvals on fare changes, some agent-assisted bookings, itinerary changes) you may get a manual email from AmTrav that requires you to reply manually.

Speaking of emails, approvers designated to receive reminder approval emails will be sent reminders 12 hours after the first approval request email if the booking hasn't already been approved or rejected (learn more about how to set up reminder emails -- step 5).

Alternately you can review and approve trips via a2b:

Step 1: Click on Approvals on the left side of a2b -- if you have trips awaiting approval you’ll have a red circle next to Approve. 


Step 2: Here you'll see any trip that currently needs to be approved (or rejected). To instantly approve or reject a trip, just select the itinerary by clicking the box to the left of the trip and click Approve or Reject at the bottom of the page. To see the details of a trip before approving or rejecting it, click the Details button to the right of the trip. You can then check the itinerary details and choose to Approve or Reject the itinerary at the bottom of the page.


*Note that at this point, if you Approve the itinerary, it is ticketed. If you Reject the itinerary, it will be cancelled at no cost and the booker will be notified that the booking was rejected.


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