2. Changes/Cancellations

How do I change or cancel my flights?

Cancel flights quickly in a2b or contact AmTrav Travel Advisors for expert help changing your flights.

Changing Your Flight

To change your flight contact an AmTrav Travel Advisor by chatting (click the Live Chat icon in the lower lefthand corner of a2b) or calling (866-284-5774 if you’re in the US or 312-525-9805 if you’re international).

(Need more contact options? Check the a2b Contact page and AmTrav.com Contact Us page.)

Tell your AmTrav Travel Advisor what you need to do with your itinerary, they can provide new options whether you need to change your whole itinerary or just individual legs of your trip. Once you've found a new itinerary that works, your Travel Advisor will make the change and email you an updated confirmation, and you can see your updated itinerary in My Trips.

Canceling Your Flight

You can cancel the flights on your itinerary online with AmTrav with just a couple of clicks:

Step 1: When you log into your account, you'll see all of your Upcoming Trips, or you can navigate to My Trips:

Step 2: Click the View button on the right of the trip you want to cancel, or from My Trips click the View/Modify button on the trip you wish to see:


Step 3: This brings you to the Trip Details page. On the right side of your screen, you'll see a red Cancel Itinerary button -- click on it. 


Step 4: A message will pop up reminding you that you can't undo an itinerary cancel and telling you whether your ticket will be voided and refunded or held for credit towards future travel (tickets cancelled within 24 hours can often be voided for a full refund). Check the box to select the portion of your itinerary that you want to cancel and click Cancel Selected Item(s). Your trip will now be cancelled.


Note: if you don't want to cancel the whole itinerary and instead want to cancel or change only one leg of a trip, contact an AmTrav Travel Advisor for assistance (above).


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