Advice: keys to Gather success!

Follow these three quick tips to ensure a smooth experience for every guest travel arranger and traveler in Gather!

Gather is an incredibly powerful tool to make arranging guest and meeting attendee travel fast and easy, giving you the control you need while giving your guests and attendees the choice they want. Follow these three key tips now to make each guest and meeting trip super easy to plan.

Tip 1: Set up your credit cards.

If you'd like to pay for your guests' and meeting attendees' travel through Gather to avoid traveler reimbursement hassles later, load your company credit cards in your AmTrav Company Settings (here's how!). These could be specific cards that you use for all your company travel, specific cards for all recruiting travel or specific all meetings travel, and so on -- and remember to update the cards any time you replace them or update the expiration date.

(To be clear: any cards that you want to provide to cover travel through Gather must be stored in your Company Settings! Otherwise you'll be able to have travelers pay for their own travel through Gather.)


Tip 2: Set up tailored travel policies.

Make setting up Gather guest and meeting invitations faster by creating tailored travel policies (here's how!). You can create policies for your needs -- job candidate travel, relocation travel, meeting travel, a general policy, whatever -- so that you and your colleagues can quickly apply appropriate policy to each trip (how much can be spent, what cabin can be flown, what kind of hotels can be selected and more). Then if you have specific credit cards that should be used for specific types of trips (a card for all travel, a card for candidate travel, etc.) you can assign that card (here's how!) that you loaded in Tip 1 to your policies so that your Gather meetings are paid with the appropriate card every time. (Remember that you can still override that card and select another if you need to in Gather.)


Tip 3: Invite & educate your team, too!

This one's so important but really easy -- invite & educate your team to use Gather! If you have fellow Administrators or Coordinators who plan guest and meeting with Gather, let them know which travel policies and credit cards (that you just set up here) when they're inviting travelers to book in Gather. Administrators automatically have access to Gather and can give Coordinators access following these directions.


That's it! These three quick, key tips have set you up for Gather success! No more forms and calls, no more confused and disappointed guests, no more reimbursement headaches -- instead just one fast & easy tool for planning guest and meeting travel.