What are Leisure Rates on AmTrav?

Leisure Rates from AmTrav can save you time and money on hotels and allow you to prepay hotels, learn more here.

By adding Leisure Rates to AmTrav, travelers can get the rate they need, bookers can save time searching for rates on different sites, companies can save money and prepay hotels, and administrators can see all hotel trips and spend in AmTrav Travel Reports. (Read more about Leisure Rates on the AmTrav blog.)

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers about Leisure Rates:


What’s the difference between Leisure Rates and other rates on AmTrav?

Because of their limited loyalty points earnings, Leisure Rates are sometimes cheaper than traditional AmTrav rates. Here are the key similarities and differences between Leisure Rates and AmTrav rates:


AmTrav hotel rates

Leisure Rates


Sometimes (check the rate)

Sometimes (check the rate)

Pay when?

At hotel**

At hotel or at booking

Your corporate discounts?



AmTrav discounts?



Special “Member Only” Rates



Earn loyalty points?


Generally not

Preferential room assignment?



Folio from hotel at checkout

Hotel rate + incidentals


*When booking your hotel, always carefully check the cancelation terms and penalties in Terms on the Hotel Review page.

**Or use a prepaid/virtual payment solution.

***Folios for Prepaid Leisure Rate include only incidentals, pay-at-hotel Leisure Rate folios include the rate plus incidentals. See below for more info.


If I turn on Leisure Rates, how will my bookers and I tell the difference between AmTrav rates and Leisure Rates?

Leisure Rates include Leisure Rate in the rate name, non-Leisure Rates do not. The attributes for both AmTrav rates and Leisure Rates are displayed on the Select a Room page, including whether the hotel stay is paid at booking or checkout, whether the rate is refundable, whether the rate earns loyalty points, and more. Additional information about the room is listed in Room Details, additional information about each rate is listed in Rate Details.


There’s a new prepaid hotel option from AmTrav?

Yes! Leisure Rates come in two flavors: pay-at-hotel (“Pay at Hotel”) and prepaid (“Pay Now”). 

The new prepaid (“Pay Now”) Leisure Rates allow you to pay for a hotel stay at time of booking on the card that you have on file with AmTrav, just like you do with airlines. (Hotels may still require a card at check-in for incidental charges.) Whether you want to put your hotel charges on a central card or you book a lot of travel for non-employees, Leisure Rate “Pay Now” hotels are a great option if you’d like to prepay hotels on your travelers’ behalf. Look for the Pay Now indicator on Leisure Rates.

Payment on pay-at-hotel rates are just like payment on AmTrav rates, a card is taken at booking to hold the room, then the traveler presents a card at checkin for the rate plus and incidentals. These rates may be fully or partially refundable based on the rules that are disclosed at booking, if there's a cancelation fee the card used to hold the room will be charged.


Will my travelers still receive folios from the hotel at checkout, they need these for expense reporting?

Yes, travelers will still receive folios, however folios for prepaid Leisure Rate stays will include only incidentals (pay-at-hotel Leisure Rate folios will include the rate and incidentals). To show the room rate and taxes on their expense report travelers can use any of the AmTrav-issued documents for their trip: the invoice for their stay available in the Credit Card Report, the Trip Report available in their Travel Reports, their emailed trip confirmation, or their Trip Details available on My Trips (we recommend this last option for travelers, grab the invoice from My Trips before traveling).


I have Leisure Rates turned on and I see some extra discounted Leisure Rates, what are those?

Leisure Rates at certain hotel properties have an additional discount because we only make them available to logged-in Amtrav customers like your bookers and travelers. Look for an indicator like the price strikethrough on hotels with Leisure Rates:


Do I need Leisure Rates turned on to see the new Select a Room display with rates by room type?

No! The new display with all hotel rates on the Select a Room page organized by room type is available to everyone, regardless of whether you choose to make Leisure Rates available to your travelers or not.


Does it cost anything extra to book Leisure Rates?



Will Leisure Rate hotel bookings show up in my Travel Reports?

Yes they will, and they'll look exactly the same as any other hotel rate you book through AmTrav.


I’d like to tell my travelers about Leisure Rates, what do I say to them?

Here’s a paragraph you can share with your coordinators and travelers to help them understand the new rates:

“In addition to AmTrav’s hotel rates, we’ve added new Leisure Rates to our AmTrav account. Leisure Rates are often discounted to help us save money on hotels and allow us to prepay hotels ("Pay Now") so you don't have to pay at checkin. Please check the rate details on the AmTrav Select a Room and Hotel Review pages to understand the rate refundability rules and understand whether the room must be prepaid or paid at the hotel. Leisure Rates generally don’t earn loyalty points, however they’re a great way to save our company money and prepay hotels.”


Can I use virtual cards to pay for Leisure Rate hotel stays?

Currently you cannot select a virtual card payment to pay for Leisure Rates at booking, however you can use any other card on file to pre-pay for prepaid Leisure Rates at booking. Please reach out to your Relationship Manager to discuss this further.


Do I get my corporate negotiated discount or annual nights credit on Leisure Rates?

AmTrav shows both your negotiated rates (the top rates for each room where your negotiated rates are available) and Leisure Rates if you choose to have Leisure Rates turned on. Leisure Rates are not eligible for your corporate negotiated discount and Leisure Rate bookings do not count towards annual night commitments. 


My travel policy requires approval for some or all hotel bookings, can my company use Leisure Rates?

Please reach out to your Relationship Manager so we can understand and meet your needs. We want to make sure that you get the rates that you need, and you have time to either approve bookings without the hotel rates changing or reject bookings without incurring cancelation fees.


Leisure Rates don’t seem right for me, how do I make sure my coordinators and travelers don’t see them?

No problem. In your Company Settings under Options & Preferences you can control Leisure Rates (click Edit Options & Preferences). Your options for Leisure Rates are are:

  • Include: displays all available hotel rates, including standard, AmTrav and corporate rates (including any rates you’ve negotiated with specific hotels) and all Leisure Rates
  • Exclude: displays only standard, AmTrav and corporate rates (including any rates you’ve negotiated with specific hotels), no Leisure Rates
  • Only: displays only Leisure Rates, no standard, AmTrav or corporate rates 

Company Settings leisure rates

Other questions? Contact your Relationship Manager -- they're ready to help!


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