How to: re-send Gather invites

Easily re-send Gather invites to travelers

Gather makes it easy to re-send Gather invites to travelers who need a new copy or can't find their Gather invitation email. 

How-to instructions:

Step 1: Navigate to Gather and the relevant Gather Meeting.

Gather cancel 1

Step 2: Scroll down to the Who's Going? section, click the letter/recycle button on the righthand side of the invitee whose invite email you wish to re-send.

Note that if you wish to send the invite to a different email address you should Add Attendee to add that new email address (can also delete the previous email address if you'd like).

Step 3: From here you can edit your message to the invitee (optional) and hit Send Invite in the bottom lefthand corner to send their invite (note that this sends to just the single invitee).