How to switch hotels when you're already on the road

You arrive at your hotel and it's a no-go for you: not safe, not clean, smelly. Here's how AmTrav can help you switch hotels.

Hopefully you arrive at a hotel room that’s clean and safe, with no odors, stains, critters or other discomforts. Unfortunately not all hotels are perfect, so here's what to do if you find the room or hotel is not clean and safe enough for your stay.

Step 1: Report the issue to the front desk to see how they can rectify the situation. Maybe there’s another room available that will better suit you.

Step 2: If the hotel can't correct the issue you raise and you feel that leaving is the safest option for you (it may be!), head to the front desk and let the front desk staff know that you’re leaving. Let them know why you’re leaving and be sure to get the staffer's first and last name (business cards are great!) -- even better if you can get a manager. But it’s important that you do this in person, get their name, and that you tell them exactly why you’re leaving. It’s not a big deal and it’s nothing personal with the staffer -- but you’re leaving.

Step 3: Call AmTrav. 800-795-8371. We’ll book you a new hotel, and when you give us the name of the front desk person (first and last!) along with the reason you left, we’ll call the hotel to get your stay refunded. With that, you’ll have a new hotel and you can head over and enjoy a nice stay in your new hotel.

*Note: These three steps are most effective if you do them on your check-in day. If you notice an issue on your check-in day, please don’t wait until three days after leaving the hotel to contact AmTrav because we’ll be less able to secure your refund and help. On the other hand, if an issue arises later in your stay, these steps still apply and we're ready to help.

Bonus step: if the hotel is irredeemable, your travel administrator can have AmTrav remove the hotel from future hotel searches so that nobody else will have this bad experience.