Where do I find invoices for my travel spending?

Need an invoice as a receipt for your airline ticket or prepaid hotel? Here's how to find that invoice.

AmTrav issues invoices for every transaction paid through AmTrav: airline tickets, airline seats, change fees or bags or EarlyBird Boarding purchased through AmTrav, pre-paid hotels and AmTrav service fees. You probably need to account for these transactions on your expense report, and to do that you need an invoice as a receipt -- here's how to find your invoices.

Note: hotels and car rentals paid directly with the hotel or car company are not on AmTrav invoices, you'll need to get the receipt for those from the hotel or car rental company.

Step 1: Click on Travel Reports on the left side of your AmTrav screen. 

Step 2: At the top of the page, you’ll see a More Reports button. Move your cursor over that to see a dropdown menu listing all available reports (see below), under Spend, click on Credit Card Reconciliation (also this link).

Step 3: You'll see the Credit Card Report for all bookings made in the specified time frame. Click on the Invoice Number to access a specific trip’s invoice (if you don't see the Invoice Number field in the report then it's hidden, un-hide it by toggling Invoice # on in the upper-lefthand show/hide fields menu). The invoice will open in a new window and you can download it as a PDF.


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