Why can't I approve this booking?

Your user got an approval request email, clicked "Approve" but received an error message saying they don't have access to approve. Here's how to fix this.

Important note about approvals and approvers: only users registered as Administrators have approval rights by default. If you'd like someone who's not an Administrator to be an approver for travelers under a policy, you must set that user up as a Coordinator and give them approval rights. Here's how.

Note: this setup can only be performed by registered Administrators, other users cannot perform this setup on their own profile.

Step 1: Go to the user's Profile via My Team, in Basic Information make sure that their User Role is Coordinator (Travelers cannot approve bookings). Click Save Changes.

Step 2: Scroll down to Privileges in their Profile, set Approve Purchases to "Yes." Click Save Changes.

Step 3: Scroll down again to People who User can Approve For in their Profile, select either All Company Travelers as "Yes," Unregistered/New Travelers as "Yes" (frequently used for interviewee, contractor and other one-time guest travelers), or select specific travelers from the list. Click Save Changes.

Bonus step 4: If this user is only approving for a select group of your travelers, scroll back up to Privileges, check "Receive alerts when approval is needed" and click Save Changes -- and don't add this user as a recipient in the Travel Policy Notifications and Approvals Emails section. This way the approver will receive only notifications and approval requests for travelers and bookings that he or she can approve.


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