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Travel Expense Management: Simpler Payment & Expense


Make business travel more efficient and productive with easy payment options and integrated expense reporting.

Pick the best Travel & Expense Options -- for You

With AmTrav expense management, you get flexibility to select the best payment and expense reporting options for your company and your travelers, integrated seamlessly into AmTrav's one connected travel expense management platform.

How it Works

Expense Management: How Travel and Expense Work -- Together

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How does AmTrav Travel & Expense Management Compare?

Other TMCs

Things work, usually

  • Setup? Somewhat easy. You'll need to set up your company cards with both your TMC and your online booking tool, work with your TMC to find virtual payment options and get those configured, then get any expense connections set up (if the TMC and OBT support them).
  • Happy travelers? Sometimes. Your company cards should be stored and virtual payment options should be available through both the TMC and the OBT. If travel-related expenses automatically populate in the expense management software, that's great, but if not it's more work for bookers and travelers.
  • Happy administrators? Sometimes. Admins will be happy having bookers access centralized expense management solutions, though they may not have access to prepaid hotel rates and issues with virtual payments between the OBT and TMC can be tough to solve. Likewise travel and expense may not be thoroughly integrated, leading to incorrect expenses that admins can't reconcile with credit card statements.

DIY travel

No centralized expense management control or integrations

  • Setup? Somewhat easy. Administrators need to decide how to handle travel & expense payment -- book for travelers centrally, hand out company cards or card numbers, or ask travelers to book for themselves -- but those are all fraught solutions. Then the finance team counts on travelers to use the company's travel & expense management solution correctly on their own.
  • Happy travelers? Not really. For travel & expense payment, travelers either have to manage a company card, have someone else book for them, use their own card or keep track of a central card -- all DIY expense management solutions have issues. Then travelers are on their own to keep track of receipts and update their expense reports manually, which is a pain.
  • Happy administrators? No! Administrators resort to painful travel & expense management solutions like playing travel agent for travelers or handing out company card numbers to enable travelers to book for themselves, then have to rely on traveler-entered expense reports for all travel and expense data, with no backup spend data for auditing expenses.
“I called AmTrav, I was afraid Concur Expense would mess up the optional billing codes that we use to bill each division or department, but [AmTrav Relationship Manager] Laura said ‘it's not a problem’ and boom, we were done -- it was awesome.”
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