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Configure Travel Policy & Approvals


Help your business travelers quickly find flights, hotels and cars that work for them and for the company

Save Money and Time While Empowering your Colleagues

Easily set corporate travel policy and approval flows (as many as you need!) that suit the specific needs of your company.

How it Works

Start Saving Money On Business Trips in Minutes

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How does AmTrav Compare?

Other TMCs

It's complicated (too complicated!)

  • Setup? Hard! Administrators need their TMC account manager’s help or a booking tool representative to upload the corporate travel policy document and configure policies in needlessly complex tools, so it takes months to set or adjust a policy.
  • Happy travelers? No. While booking tools flags out-of-policy options, bookers and travelers must book in antiquated business travel booking tools that they resent and avoid using.
  • Happy administrators? No. Bookers and travelers complain about and avoid the booking tool, negating the benefits of the travel policy, and policy effectiveness reports are not included in the booking tool so administrators need an extra analytics tool.

DIY travel

Bookers are on their own

  • Setup? Pretty easy! The administrator writes the corporate travel policy and approval rules, gives it to bookers and travelers, and encourages them to apply it themselves.
  • Happy travelers? No! travelers and bookers have to interpret and apply the policy themselves every time they book business trips, copy and share itineraries for approvals, and wonder if they’re following the policy or breaking the rules.
  • Happy administrators? No! Administrators either have no control over travel spend, or they waste time checking and correcting travelers’ policy application and manual approval requests, and they have no feedback on overall policy effectiveness.
“As a result of the partnership with AmTrav, PPM is now able to efficiently book travel and save money.”


Laura Radosevich
PPM America, Inc.

FAQ, We're Here for You

Learn More About Travel Policy

Travel policy

See AmTrav's travel policy for yourself

We're not shy, check out our documentation on how you can configure AmTrav travel policy & approvals for yourself.

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Lane ropes in outdoor swimming pool

Develop a winning travel policy

A five-step guide to developing a corporate travel policy that bottom liners and travelers will both like.

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How to communicate corporate travel policy within your company

Your company's a big place with a lot of stakeholders, how do you help them understand the value of your travel policy?

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