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20% of business trips change. With AmTrav, travelers get help fast so they can focus on their job, not stress over travel changes.

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How Does AmTrav Compare?

Other TMCs

Good support (usually)

  • Setup? Fairly easy. When bookers book through the booking tool or the TMC their bookings are looked after by TMC agents who can help update travel plans or rescue travelers.
  • Happy Travelers? Generally yes. Travelers get capable service, though they're frustrated when they're told to call back in the morning or when booking tool data doesn't match the agent's data.
  • Happy Administrators? Generally yes. Administrators are happy that travelers get support, though administrators also have to navigate TMC vs. booking tool gaps because they're separate companies, and they have to pay the TMC's "high-touch' and "agent assist" fees.

DIY travel

Hold music and airport lines

  • Setup? Really easy! Bookers book where they like, keep track of bookings themselves, no setup needed.
  • Happy Travelers? Sure, until they need help. Simple changes require calling up airlines, hotels or consumer sites themselves, escaping snowstorms or thunderstorms means hours in line at the airport or on hold with the airline, hoping for the best.
  • Happy Administrators? No! Many travelers call their travel administrator when things go wrong, no matter if the administrator is asleep, on vacation or enjoying the weekend. It's a painful way to realize that travelers aren't properly taken care of.
"We tell travelers: 'if it's a weekend or it's eight o'clock at night, call AmTrav and get it fixed, if you're traveling and something happens, they can assist you.'"
Beverly Turner

Beverly Turner
Fischer Homes

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