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Corporate Travel Safety Always Comes First


Know where your travelers are during business trips and know that they're safe with accurate, real-time tracking.

Travel Risk Management: Keep your Business Travelers Safe

You've put your travelers on the road, you're accountable for their safety. With AmTrav you know where your business travelers are and what travel risks they face.

How it Works

your Team, Safe on the Road

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How does AmTrav Compare?

Other TMCs

Reliable tracking (usually)

  • Setup? Somewhat easy. Third-party booking tools provide basic traveler tracking & safety tools, TMCs that partner with booking tools and all-in-one TMCs do provide traveler locator features.
  • Happy travelers? Yes, most of the time things are fine. Travelers are occasionally caught in confusion when data doesn't match between the booking tool and the TMC tools, so the traveler sees one thing and agents see another.
  • Happy administrators? Usually yes. Admins can track travelers, thought it's a hassle to navigate between the TMC's admin tools where traveler locator data is stored and booking tool admin tools where policy is configured.

DIY travel

Travelers are on their own

  • Setup? Pretty easy! Bookers book where they like, keep track of bookings themselves, and no setup needed!
  • Happy travelers? Usually. It's a pain to forward itineraries to the administrator, but they're fine as long as nothing goes wrong. But if disaster strikes or medical support is needed, travelers are on their own, administrators may have no idea that they're affected.
  • Happy administrators? No! Administrators have to manually track travelers using the itineraries and updates sent by travelers (when travelers remember to send those!), have no live tracking, security measures, or risk assessment to identify danger.
“With AmTrav, you know where your travelers are right now. If I have someone in Florida and I need to move him to Mississippi I can see his full itinerary right in Amtrav, it's very easy to use.”
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Learn More About Corporate Travel Tracking & Safety

covid resource center

AmTrav COVID Resource Center

Know before you go with AmTrav's travel safety guide to state, international and airline, hotel and car rental travel policies.

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Tracking Safety - Traveler Locator - desktop

How AmTrav assesses risk

In response to COVID-19 AmTrav updated our Tracking & Safety tool allowing admins to see risk to travelers.

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Fully Vaccinated Business Travelers May Now Travel Without Tests or Quarantines

Travel safety during COVID

What AmTrav expects during COVID: more testing, vaccines and travel restrictions, but also savings with unused tickets.

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