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Get the full value of business travel by reducing obstacles, complexity, and cost in getting places.

AmTrav Drives Your Travel Productivity

Save hard dollars, soft dollars, and opportunity costs to unlock business travel savings you didn’t know existed.

How it Works

Saving Money with Unused Tickets

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How does AmTrav Compare?

Other TMCs

It's complicated

  • Setup? Not easy. Once fees are negotiated and contracts are signed, the business trips program gets loaded into the TMC system, the online booking tool, the analytics and duty of care tools so travelers can start traveling.
  • Happy travelers? No. Unused tickets are a little easier to access, corporate travel policy, approvals and discounts are applied, but bookers and business travelers often shop Google Flights or Expedia before coming back to the antiquated corporate booking tool to book.
  • Happy administrators? Somewhat. Travel policy, TMC discounts and company discounts are applied, and administrators can save time using different TMC, booking tool and analytics provider reports and tools, but they have to juggle several complex business travel tools, each with its own login, contract and contact.

DIY travel

Drives you nuts

  • Setup? Easy! Bookers book wherever they want, maybe the company suggests certain sites over others, like Expedia or Google Flights that help save money by showing multiple airlines, hotels and car rentals.
  • Happy travelers? Mostly yes. Bookers and travelers can book wherever they want, though they have to interpret corporate travel policy themselves, track and use their own unused airline tickets, and updating travel plans takes a lot longer than it should.
  • Happy administrators? No! Unused tickets are wasted, policy isn’t applied easily or evenly, the company gets no travel spend discounts, and the administrator wastes a ton of time gathering business travel data and helping travelers change travel plans.
“As a result of the partnership with AmTrav, PPM is now able to efficiently book travel and save money.”


Laura Radosevich
PPM America, Inc.

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