What's the difference between an AmTrav Administrator, a Coordinator and a Traveler?

There are three different user roles in AmTrav, learn what each can do and who each role is meant for.

So, you need to add a new user or batch upload a number of users -- what user role should you give that person? Here's a handy guide to each user role supported by AmTrav:

Traveler: Travelers are the majority of your AmTrav users -- they travel for business, and depending on how you want their travel booked, they can book their own business travel (with your company's travel policies and approvals applied every time, of course). Travelers can be anyone from interns and new-hires up to executives and board members. While Travelers can book for themselves (if they have access to AmTrav with an AmTrav password in their profile) and travel on AmTrav itineraries, they can't approve trips for themselves or others, can't see others' trips or Travel Reports with company travel data. Want to book travel for Travelers but don't want to give them AmTrav access? Simply don't input a password in their profile, they won't be able to log into AmTrav.

Coordinator: Coordinators have more abilities in AmTrav than Travelers: not only can they book their own travel and travel on AmTrav itineraries, Coordinators can also book travel for certain other users, approve travel for others and view travel data for other users. A company's travel administrator can configure each Coordinator's permissions to book for others (either Travelers, Coordinators, Administrators or unregistered travelers) and approve travel for others in each Coordinator's profile. Coordinators can be team managers who manage their team's bookings, executive administrators who manage their team's bookings, and more. Coordinators can also see travel spending and activity data for anyone that they're assigned to book for.

Want to allow a Coordinator to set up Gather access? Here's how to allow Coordinators to access Gather.

Administrator: Administrators are super users who can book for themselves and others (registered Travelers, Coordinators and Administrators, plus unregistered users), approve travel for anyone, travel on AmTrav itineraries, set travel policies and approval rules, create new user profiles, update company settings, view all company travel data, and more. If your company has a travel manager that person is an Administrator in AmTrav, along with any key finance, safety, procurement and administrative colleagues who need full access to your company's data and capabilities in AmTrav.



Does someone have to have a profile and be a Traveler, Coordinator or Administrator to travel on an AmTrav itinerary?

Nope! Coordinators and Administrators can book unregistered users in AmTrav, they'll just enter that unregistered traveler's name and information on the booking/checkout page.

How do I manage Coordinators' privileges?

You can manage each Coordinator's access to different privileges including in their ability to Register New Users, Modify User Profiles, access Gather, Approve Trips (be sure to fully configure approvals) and View Reports in the Coordinator Privileges section of their Profile, accessed via the People page:

Coordinator Privileges