Why can't I find this hotel in AmTrav?

Tips for finding specific hotels in AmTrav

ROGNER HOTEL TIRANA $125 ($̶1̶6̶0̶) - Updated 2021 Prices & Reviews -  Albania - Tripadvisor

Recently a client reported in a post-trip survey that they couldn't find the Rogner Hotel Tirana in Tirana, Albania in AmTrav (above, looks nice!) -- and maybe this has happened to you, where you're looking for a specific hotel in New York City or Los Angeles and can't find it. Here are a couple helpful tips for finding specific hotels in AmTrav.

Tip 1: Search for the hotel name in the Destination box. In this case the client is looking for the Rogner Hotel -- if you type in "Rogner" in Destination, the Rogner Hotel comes up in the suggestions:

...and in the hotel results:

Tip 2: Search for specific hotels in a specific place. The other method is to input your destination city or landmark in Destination and specify part of the hotel name in the Name Contains box:

Tip 3: Check your Leisure Rates. AmTrav sources additional hotel options from third party hotel sources including Leisure Rates. Leisure Rates have some drawbacks but they do include additional hotels and price points that AmTrav may not have (there are 700,000 hotels in the world!), but you can include Leisure Rates to give yourself a better chance of finding obscure hotels. Alternately, your account may show only Leisure Rates and no Leisure Rates may be available, meaning that the hotel you're looking for doesn't show up. Learn more about Leisure Rates and learn how to include them in your hotel results.