How to: configure hotels in Gather

Details on setting hotel parameters and policies in AmTrav Gather


Add a Hotel: Set the parameters, policies and payments for any hotels for your guests, note that the hotel search location is centered on the Meeting Location you specified in your meeting setup:

  • The Check-In Date and Check-Out Date are pre-populated based on your meeting start and end time that you set in the meeting setup, but you can allow your guests to check-in or check-out early or late using the checkboxes and +/- buttons. Hotel itineraries that violate these guidelines will be flagged as out of policy for your guests.
  • Set a Maximum Nightly Rate for hotel stays or default to your travel policy's hotel rate limits (you'll specify a travel policy for each guest traveler in Add Attendee), itineraries that exceed the nightly rate limit that you or your policy set will be flagged as out of policy for your guests.
  • Decide whether to offer Prepaid Leisure Rates to your guests (more about Leisure Rates in AmTrav), 1. defaulting to your travel policy (in Add Attendee), 2. enabling your guests to pay for their hotel stay through AmTrav if you select Only or Include, or 3. Block Prepaid Leisure Rates if you don't want guests to use Leisure Rates. Note that if you have a negotiated rate that you'd like your guests to access, those are not available as Leisure Rates and you should Block Prepaid Leisure Rates. Unlike other options in Gather, if you choose Block then Prepaid Leisure Rates will not be offered at all (instead of just being labeled as out of policy).
  • Select the Maximum Permitted Star Rating your guests should book, either default to your travel policy's hotel guidelines (in Add Attendee), a specific star rating or any star rating. Hotels that violate these guidelines will be flagged as out of policy for your guests.
  • Specify whether your guests should see only Refundable Only rates (if you choose this checkbox then nonrefundable rates will not be offered at all).
  • Select the Payment Options you'd like your guests to use for their hotel: 1. set "Per Policy" to default to the cards selected in your travel policy (in Add Attendee), 2. traveler responsible for payment through AmTrav, 3. traveler pay with their own card through AmTrav then request reimbursement directly with you, 4. select "Virtual Card" to pay with your company's CSI or Conferma virtual card (if you have a CSI or Conferma program), or 5. specify a specific card that's saved in your Company Settings. For option #5 note that this is the card used to reserve the room and rate, unless you select a virtual card (#4) or have your guest pay through a Prepaid Leisure Rate then your guest will need to present a card at checkin to cover the rate, taxes and incidentals.
  • If there are specific hotels you'd recommend or require your travelers to stay at then specify those in Add Recommended Hotels, searching for and selecting the specific hotel (note: one property near your meeting, you can't select an entire chain) then checking the box if you require travelers to stay at recommended hotels. (Remember that Gather pulls in any negotiated hotel rates that your company has stored in AmTrav, this is a great way to guide travelers to those hotels and rates.) Recommended hotels will be flagged as preferred for your guests, if you check Require then non-recommended hotels will be flagged as out of policy for your guests. 

Once this is done click Save, you'll see a summary of the hotel policies and parameters in the Meeting and you can edit the hotel settings or remove the hotel at any time from the Meeting.


More information about configuring Gather meetings.


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