For travelers: how to book with AmTrav Gather

Have you been invited to book with AmTrav? Here are step-by-step instructions to guide your booking -- it's easy!

Hello and welcome! We aspire to make booking with AmTrav as clear and easy as possible, this four-step guide provides a bit of extra instruction to help you.

First, a quick two-minute guide to booking:

Step 1: Click that "Book your trip" link in your email, register on AmTrav with your full name, email, and a password -- this password allows you to return and log in to any time you need to. Then RSVP "Yes" or "No" to let your inviter know that you're coming (you can change this RSVP if you need to).

Step 2: Time to book! Click Book Flight to access the flights and rail search. (Note: if you're not invited to book a flight, hotel or car rental, it simply won't show up as an option to book.) Don't need a flight -- just click "Don't need a flight" (you can change this selection later). Travel policies and parameters set by your inviter will help you find itinerary options that work for you and the inviter. You can also book your hotel stay and car rental, as invited. We have guides with detailed instructions on shopping for and booking flight reservations (and select your seats) and rail itineraries, hotel stays and car rentals

Step 3: Once you're booked you'll receive an itinerary confirmation email (note that this may take an hour or so to arrive). Your trip may initially show up as "Pending" status but will soon switch to "Confirmed." And again, you can come back to to check on your trip, book additional components via the Invites page, or change your trip.

Step 4: Need to change your trip in advance, or get disrupted by a storm or airline issues? AmTrav includes unlimited service from our expert Travel Advisors, they're ready to help 24x7 -- don't call the arranger, call the airline or wait in line at the airport, just contact a Travel Advisor. There are several options to contact us, including our phone number 800-795-8371.

That's it! You're able to book easily and hopefully have smooth travels (but we're ready to help if you don't).

Have feedback on our booking or service, or have additional questions? Please let us know, we'd love to hear and help out.