How can I add optional billing fields (or billing tags) for bookings?

Billing tags (aka optional billing fields) collect more data about each trip to make your billing and analysis easy.

If your company has multiple travels for different clients, projects or reasons, Billing Tags let you collect data about each trip so you can see trips and spending with that detail in your Travel Reports. Common tags include trip reason (like training, client meeting, internal meeting), whether a trip is billable to a client, and the client, project or cost center for billing.

Note that while Traveler ID (aka Employee ID) fields can be pre-set in profiles in My Team, Billing Tags cannot be pre-set: a traveler’s Department or Traveler ID in Traveler ID Fields probably doesn’t change very often, but a traveler may travel for a different trip reason, client or project for each booking (learn more about Traveler ID Fields here).

Here's how to add Billing Tags:

Step 1: Click on Company Settings on your a2b dashboard.

Company Settings from Home

Step 2: Scroll down to the Billing Tags section and click Add New Billing Tag.

Company Settings billing tags

Step 3: Add the Field Name and then select whether the traveler’s choices for each field should be chosen from a drop-down menu (“Pre-set options”) or if bookers can enter their own text (“Allow free-form input”), and whether answers are mandatory or not. If answers are pre-set, you’ll need to enter the pre-set options here too by entering each option then clicking Add, or adding multiple options at once and clicking Add Multiple Options. When you're done, click Add at the bottom of the window.

The field is now saved and will show up right on the Booking page right before the traveler books their trip.

Company Settings billing tags add

Note that Optional Billing Fields can also be set for each travel policy within the Travel Policy section of a2b, as described in Step 7 of the "Configure my company's travel policy" article.

Travel Policy Bililng Tags


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