How do I add a hotel policy to my account?

Set a hotel policy to help your bookers and travelers find hotels, rooms and rates that make sense for them and for your company.

A hotel policy allows you to set guidelines so your bookers and travelers pick hotel rooms and rates that make sense both for them and for the company. You can control spend with maximum nightly rate or maximum amount over the lowest rate and with maximum permitted star ratings (no seven stars!), require that bookers pick from your preferred hotels.

After you've created a policy, here's how to add a hotel policy:

Step 1: Click Travel Policy on the left side of your dashboard. 

Step 2: Click the travel policy under Active Travel Policies that you would like to edit. 

Step 3: Scroll down to the Hotel Policy area and enter the policy details: the Maximum Nightly Rates allowed (and any exceptions allowing travelers to spend more in expensive locations like New York City), amount above Lowest Logical Rate (essentially the amount your travelers can spend above the current market rate), maximum star rating and whether only preferred properties can be booked in Hotel Properties. (Note: if you want to require that hotels are prepaid or paid with a set form of payment please contact your Relationship Manager to set that requirement.) Click Save Changes at the bottom.

That's it! Bookers and travelers will now see flags in their hotel and hotel rates display showing which options are out of policy (and why) and guiding them to select in-policy options, if they select an out-of-policy hotel room and rate they'll be reminded of the policy and asked for an explanation at booking.


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