How do I add Special Instructions to a booking

Request a little extra service or a customization to your booking using Special Instructions

Need a soft pillow, early checkin or late checkout, a room on a specific side of the hotel, an unused ticket from another traveler with a name change, some special help with a car rental reservation or a flight reservation? Enter that request in the Special Instructions box when checking out on the Booking page of a flight, hotel or car rental reservation and an AmTrav Travel Advisor will try their best to make it happen for you (within reason -- suite upgrades because you're a really cool gal or guy... we make no promises).

Two important notes: first, Special Instructions cause AmTrav to charge a special handling fee to a booking because a Travel Advisor has to check the instructions and attempt to fulfill your request. So requesting that an unused ticket from another traveler with a name change is likely worthwhile, but the soft pillow may not be. Note: if your AmTrav account is billed on a per-trip or a monthly management fee, no special handling fees will apply.

Second, because Special Instructions cause special handling fees on many accounts, many travel administrators have asked AmTrav to deactivate the Special Instructions so it's not available to bookers and travelers.

Still need to make a special request for a booking but you don't have the Special Instructions box to submit that request? Simply make your booking, then chat an AmTrav Travel Advisor, they're ready to help you get that request fulfilled (an additional fee may apply).


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