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When Should I Book My Business Trip to Europe?

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If you’re planning a business trip to Europe this summer, this one’s for you.

Booking international travel can be a little bit daunting - especially right now. Whether you know you have a big meeting overseas coming up, or something pops up last minute, you should be prepared. Here’s what you should know about booking a business trip to Europe over the summer.

Should I buy my airfare to Europe sooner or later?

The answer really depends on a few factors. If your CEO wants business class or your travelers  don’t want to take a long flight in a center seat, buying early is always going to be your best bet. The longer you wait to buy a flight, the less choices you’ll have. 

Why do we anticipate a very busy and expensive summer air travel season to Europe?

Call it the pandemic hangover. We’ve had an extended period of disruption in the airline industry – that’s not news to anyone at this point. But now, with most countries relaxing their COVID-19 protocols and with many people vaccinated, a lot of businesses are getting back to business travel. The international travel experts predict a summer travel season that might train the airlines’ supply of flights. Not only could the airlines be struggling to keep up with demand in terms of available flights and personnel, demand could cause prices to skyrocket.

How can I be sure to get my travelers the flights they need for their international business trips? 

The easy answer is this: booking the flights now. If that business meeting in London is set in stone, don’t wait. And keep in mind that most airlines all still have liberal change policies in place. What this means is that if you do have to cancel a specific flight, you won't lose that money. You can change that ticket – usually for a period of a year or two – without penalty.

The reality is that as travel bounces back and countries across the globe begin to relax their COVID-19 restrictions, pressure is being put on airlines to meet the mounting demand. While we hope for stability, well, it’s complicated, and there’s no guarantees. So if you or your travelers have business travel needs over the summer to Europe, start thinking about booking now. If you have any questions or concerns or just need some help, reach out to our team! We’re ready to help.

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