Advice: controlling spend through Gather

How to get the control you need while giving your guests the choice they want

AmTrav Gather saves you, your guests and meeting attendees hours of hassle and back-and-forth when planning their travel. That said, we know that your trust AmTrav Travel Advisors today to balance convenience for travelers against savings for your company -- so how can you achieve that balance in Gather? 

Here are three ways you can get that balance in Gather:

  1. Configure pre-trip approvals. See each Gather booking then either approve or reject it, no money is committed until you approve so you get full visibility and control while still giving your travelers the freedom to select their own itineraries. You can require approvals for all bookings or just bookings that violate the policy you set in Gather. Read more about Gather pre-trip approvals
  2. Use lowest logical airfare. Lowest logical airfare in AmTrav is a dynamically-calculated limit on how much can be spent on a given flight, looking at similar flights within a few hours before and after a flight to determine if there's another more affordable option. Set a lowest logical limit in your policy somewhere between $50 and $200 to help your guests and attendees balance cost vs. convenience, just like an AmTrav Travel Advisor would. Note that you need to set lowest logical controls in a Travel Policy that you then apply through Gather, lowest logical controls can't be set in Gather. Learn more about airfare policies.
  3. Recommend a hotel. Have a negotiated agreement at a hotel near your office or job site? Recommend or require that your guest or meeting attendees stay there, that property will show as Preferred your rates will automatically be applied when they search and book (just as they are for airline and car rental bookings). If you don't have a rate you can still set a maximum nightly rate in your policy or suggest hotels. Read more about configuring hotels in Gather.

These are just three of many ways to use AmTrav and Gather to save money while also saving time and hassle. If you find another way to save money will you let us know?