How to: cancel Gather bookings

Gather lets you quickly & easily cancel guests' and attendees' bookings when plans change

You know it, we know it: plans change and guest or attendee travelers realize that they can no longer make a trip. With Gather it's easy to cancel that trip.


But first, the key question: can you cancel that trip for free or get a refund?

  • Airline tickets: most airline tickets are nonrefundable unless you booked a flexible fare (for example United Economy Flexible, Southwest Anytime or Business Select). AmTrav will automatically store the traveler's unused ticket/s in your AmTrav account for future use by the same traveler, you may also be able to transfer it to another traveler to save money on the second traveler's future travel (details on transferring tickets here). Additionally United Airlines has a refund offer and will refund certain tickets to the original card minus a United cancelation penalty (learn more about that offer here), email AmTrav support to request those refunds.
  • Hotel reservations: the cancelation terms letting you know whether the reservation can be canceled for free or has a cancelation penalty are disclosed on the Itinerary on the Step 3 page (scroll down the page to the hotel) and in the cancelation box in Step 4.
  • Car rental reservations: yes, cancelation is always free.

("It says nonrefundable, but can you get me a refund?" Probably not. Airlines and hotels have stopped offering generous COVID-era refund policies and aren't making exceptions on nonrefundable rates in 2022.)


How-to instructions:

There are two ways to cancel Gather bookings: either your traveler cancels their booking (instructions for them to do that are here) or you cancel their booking by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Navigate to Gather and the relevant Gather Meeting.

Gather cancel 1

Step 2: Find the traveler's entry on the Gather page (scroll down to the bottom for this, use CTRL+F to search for the traveler if you have a lot of travelers) and click their booking number on the right:

Gather cancel 2

Step 3: On the Trip Details page, click Cancel Itinerary on the right side of the page.


Step 4: Confirm the portion of the itinerary you want to cancel, see the cancellation terms set by the airline or hotel (including whether a cancellation fee is assessed, whether your airline ticket value will be held for credit or refunded, etc.), and click Cancel Selected Item(s). Remember that once itinerary items are cancelled they cannot be recovered.