Report: the long wAAit


One year after many corporate booking tools stopped selling the lowest American Airlines fares, they still don't have the lowest fares.

Find out how this is impacting your travel program. So far in 2024 more than 52% of American's lowest fares are missing from the most popular corporate booking tools, and as a result companies are paying 11% more than they would've with access to the lowest fares available on, the American app – and AmTrav.


Get the Report:

AmTrav collected tens of thousands of American Airlines fare comparisons throughout 2023 and 2024.  Use that insight to find out how much your company saved – or didn't save. Download The long wAAit report for an complete look at American's fare changes.

What you'll learn:

How often fares were lower

Sometimes fares are the same in corporate booking tools and – but 52% of the time, is lower.

How much extra your company paid

Get an in-depth look at how much your company could have saved by month, by cabin, by market and more.

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Market-by-market detail

Check your American markets to see if your company paid small fare differences – or the biggest fare differences.

Answers to all your questions:

fAAre savings on AmTrav2


When you're evaluating the impact of fare changes on your company's travel spend, you need reliable data covering:

  • How often were fares different?
  • How much lower were the fares?
  • Did the fares vary by cabin or fare type?
  • Were domestic and international markets affected?
  • What was the impact in my most-flown markets?

AmTrav's report gives you this data, plus insight on why these fare changes were made, how AmTrav adapted, and what might happen next.


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