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15-Inch MacBook Pro Laptop Ban: What You Need to Know Before You Fly

When traveling for business, chances are you have a laptop or tablet in tow. For business travelers and even some leisure travelers, having a laptop or tablet not only makes the time in-flight...

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Traveling During Hurricane Season? Here’s What You Need to Know

The 2019 hurricane season is in full swing. Storms are already wreaking havoc with Hurricane Dorian barreling down on the coast last week and several new tropical storms brewing out in the ocean....

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How to Maximize Productivity During Summer Business Travel

Ahh, summertime. It really can be a double-edged sword. For business travelers used to living in multi-season climates, the warmth of the summer sun is a breath of fresh air that makes business...

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Balancing Business Travel and Family During Summer

When summertime hits, balancing business travel and family can become a bit more complicated. After all, you want to give your all to both, and that can really take a toll on a person. For...

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It’s “Watch What Happens Live” not “Watch What Happens DELAYED…”

Yesterday started out business as usual on a Chicago summertime Tuesday. The skies were blue, birds were chirping, and GBTA meetings were off to a great start. Lunchtime rolled around and...


AmTrav’s Q3 Newsletter

From The President Hello,There was a time when business travel was something every traveler would dread. There were visions of long lines, crowds, cramped seats and people yelling at gate agents....

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How to Prevent Security Hacks on the Road

As the travel industry grows, so does the risk for security threats. There have been hundreds of data breaches in recent years, particularly within several hotel groups. In this age of technology,...

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Tips and Tricks for Surviving Long-Haul Flights

If you’re anything like me, enduring a flight longer than four hours is near impossible. As aircrafts become more advanced and uninterrupted long-haul flights become the norm, travelers are finding


Did You Know: Downloadable Reports

Keeping track of reports for all of your travelers can get messy. Our reporting dashboard helps clean up that process and make your life easier. Speaking of making your life easier, did you know...


Did You Know: 24/7 Text Message Support

Picture this: after a long day of client meetings, you’re sitting on the runway on flight number one of two waiting to take off to get home. The minutes tick by and the plane doesn’t move. Every...

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