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Did You Know: 24/7 Live Chat Support

Did you know that AmTrav has 24/7 live chat support? Our in-house live chat service gives our business travel clients complete 24/7 coverage. You can initiate a live chat with one of our travel...

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Do Travel Management Companies Make Your Life Easier? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Full-Service Account Management

Guest post with contributions by our own Heather McKibben – Account Manager


Did You Know: Instant Fare Comparisons

Did you know that on a2b you can instantly view fare differences? With one click of a button, you have full transparency into what each flight’s fare options are. Curious what the differences are...


AmTrav’s Q4 Newsletter

From The President  Hello,

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Your Checklist: Making Your International Trip a Success

Your company just invested $16,000 in your full, unrestricted first-class fare to China. In addition to the pressure you’re feeling to accomplish your business objectives, you are trying to...


Did You Know: Seat Pitch

We all know that feeling when we’re on an airplane. That “I’m too cramped, my knees are hitting the back of the seat in front of me” feeling. We’ve all been there. It seems like airplane seating...

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Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management: 9 Tips for Best Practices

Guest post with contributions by our own Janet Conlon – Account Manager


Did You Know: Traveler Locator Map

You know the old saying “expect the unexpected?” Well in our experience, when it comes to travel, this couldn’t be more true. Unfortunately, nowadays the unexpected is commonplace – from natural...

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As Airlines Pay More At The Pump, Travelers Must Pop for Luggage

Updated on 9/25/18:

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So…How Much Implementation Support Do You Need From Your Travel Management Company?

Here at AmTrav, we have customer accounts with thousands of employees, and accounts with a handful of employees. You might assume that the larger accounts take up the majority of our time. The...

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