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Did You Know: 24/7 Text Message Support

Picture this: after a long day of client meetings, you’re sitting on the runway on flight number one of two waiting to take off to get home. The minutes tick by and the plane doesn’t move. Every minute that passes by gets you closer and closer to missing your connecting flight. Soon enough, your stress levels peak as the worst case scenario comes to light — your flight is so delayed that you’re going to miss your connection.

In situations like these, travelers often feel helpless. That’s where we come in. Did you know that AmTrav has 24/7 text message support? You can reach AmTrav’s support team of in-house, 24/7 travel advisors by simply sending a text to our main phone number, just as you would send a text to a friend or family member.

So whether you’re sitting on the runway missing your connection, dealing with a flight cancellation, or find yourself in any travel-related crisis, our support team is always easily accessible. Help is only one text (or call… or live chat… or email…) away!

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