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American Airlines Removes More Fares in August

Elliott McNamee | September 18, 2023

AmTrav has tracked American Airlines’ fare changes since American removed many of their lowest...

Focus on DFW: American Airlines Removes Even More Fares

Elliott McNamee | September 13, 2023

AmTrav has tracked American Airlines’ fare changes since American removed many of their lowest...

Amid Growing Pains, A Reminder Why We’re Still All-In on NDC

Jeff Klee | August 14, 2023
This is an adapted version of a guest-post that was originally published by The Beat.


Jeff Urban Joins AmTrav as New Director of Sales

Tim Hines | August 8, 2023

AmTrav, the one-connected platform for business travel, today announced the addition of Jeff Urban...

How Cornerstone is Prepared for NDC

Elliott McNamee | June 15, 2023

With decades spent working in corporate travel, the Cornerstone Information Systems team and CEO...

NDC Bundling: Yea or Nea?

Elliott McNamee | May 26, 2023

Something we hear more and more from airlines, from customers and from prospects: “NDC bundling.”...

Webinar Recording: Not Another NDC Webinar

Elliott McNamee | May 17, 2023

AmTrav takes buyers' pressing NDC questions and shares our unique NDC experience on "Not Another...

What Will NDC Cost You?

Elliott McNamee | May 11, 2023

We know what NDC-ready means, we know the benefits of NDC, and we know that not being NDC-ready...

What Does NDC-Ready Mean?

Elliott McNamee | May 10, 2023

Because American Airlines removed 40% of their lowest fares from many corporate booking providers,...

American NDC Fares Analysis (Week 3): Premium Customers Pay More

Elliott McNamee | April 24, 2023

When American's modern retailing strategy was announced in December, one common response from...

American NDC Fares Analysis (Week 2): Not All Routes Are Created Equal

Elliott McNamee | April 18, 2023

It's been two weeks since American Airlines restricted the sale of their lowest fares to NDC...

AmTrav's Enhanced Platform to Help Business Travelers Navigate American Airlines' New Flight Booking Changes

Elliott McNamee | March 29, 2023

AmTrav, the one connected platform for business travel, today announced upgrades to its corporate...

Celebrating One Year of the Best Southwest Shopping & Booking Technology

Elliott McNamee | October 8, 2020

Our friends at Southwest Airlines reminded us that it’s officially been one year since we upgraded...

Measuring What Matters With NDC

Jeff Klee | February 9, 2020

“New Distribution Capability” (NDC) is an airline initiative to modernize the way airline tickets...