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We All Need a Little Support

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I recently read the Autobiography of Jane Russell, a Golden Age era actress perhaps best known as the brunette sidekick to Marilyn Monroe’s blonde in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. But many will remember Russell for paving the way for international adoptions which previously were not allowed. 

But we’re here to talk about travel. As told in her autobiography, Russell once headlined a famous commercial campaign for Playtex. The infamy of the campaign died down (at the time it was a bit scandalous) but the great tagline remained: We all need a little support.

Well that sentiment hasn't changed and in our post-pandemic travel world, it has become even more important. Support isn't enough -- like a fine glass of wine with dinner, it needs to be paired correctly.

So how does a traveler get the best support for their situation? AmTrav is ready to help.

First, if you are traveling and need help -- you need a flight, room, car, or your trip gets disrupted -- call us. That is an immediate need. And when you have an immediate need, you need a friendly voice on the other end to assist, work through any hiccups, and finalize solutions, from canceled flights to unacceptable hotels. AmTrav Travel Advisors are available so you don’t need to call your travel manager, the airline or hotel, or your Relationship Managers -- Travel Advisors will be able to help you the fastest.

And what’s the fastest way to get updates on your trip? Make sure you’re signed up for AmTrav text alerts so you’re the first to know if your flight is delayed or canceled -- we’ll only text you with important information, and you can opt out at any time.

Second, if your plans change and you need to consider some different options while on the road -- chat us. That will allow us to see what you want, allow you to see the options, then we can update your itinerary when you’re ready.

Third, if you have non-urgent questions about vendors and future travel advice (customs rules,  travel restrictions, quarantine requirements) -- email us. With email, AmTrav Travel Advisors will give you the answers you need to plan your travel accordingly. You can also of course check the COVID Resource Center, your answer on travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, and supplier policy might just be there. 

Finally, with your feedback and preferences, make sure to complete the AmTrav post-trip survey after every trip and check the AmTrav Knowledge Base for customizing your account and speeding up your travel planning with personal search locations, loyalty and secure traveler accounts, and more. Based on your survey feedback your Travel Administrator and your AmTrav Relationship Manager will optimize and improve your company’s travel for easy flights and comfortable stays -- so you can focus on your job, growing your business!

Note that the first three options put you in contact with AmTrav Travel Advisors who are ready to help you make or update trip plans 24x7. Travel Advisors are your go-to for trip plans, while your Relationship Manager can help with big picture planning or after-the-fact investigation.

And just like Jane Russell -- who notoriously almost shut down a production to make sure everyone was home from Christmas -- our goal at AmTrav is to make sure you have the help you need to get where you’re going, because we all need a little support!

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