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Companies of varying sizes, needs and backgrounds sign up with AmTrav every day. These companies may be physically different from one another but they all share one thing in common, ...the need for a managed travel solution that's easy. Below are several case studies that illustrate exactly how AmTrav has been able to provide just that, regardless of the original travel program.

Coming from a Traditional TMC Environment?

Both of these companies saw a great opportunity with AmTrav to move away from the status quo of travel management into a new solution that provided a better overall experience with increased functionality and support.

Many companies leave mega agencies for the better fit of AmTrav. The reason cited for wanting to switch typically centers around the lack of attention and poor quality of service they were experiencing. ABRA Auto, a nationwide network of auto body and glass repair shops, is a great example of how switching from a mega agency to AmTrav provided the unparalleled level of service needed to accommodate explosive growth. And just as important, ABRA's employees are “much happier than they were before.”

Case Study

Is your company anticipating significant growth? Can your current travel management company handle the increased demand? Mesa Labs, a testing equipment manufacturer, found themselves asking the same questions when they were looking at a million dollar increase in travel spend to accommodate a 3x increase in sales. By switching to AmTrav, Mesa not only found a partner that provided the necessary travel infrastructure for this growth but also one that "managed Mesa's travel spend more efficiently and provided greater visibility into that spend" than had previously been the case.

Case Study

Coming From a Do-It-Yourself Environment?

Are you responsible for getting people from all over North America to the same location at the same time? It involves lots of planning, needs to be done right, and is the last thing you have time for. College Gridiron Showcase, an organization that puts together an annual all-star college football game, was in this situation. Their solution was to partner with AmTrav so they could focus on what they do best, football.

Case Study

Do you feel like your company is wasting tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by not managing business travel closely? Our client Markel FirstComp, an insurance provider, felt this way… and they were right. AmTrav allowed them to “easily control leakage, mitigate risk and manage duty of care” to the tune of over $1M in annual savings.

Case Study

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