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Provide comprehensive, cost-effective event planning services to corporate, incentive, and association programs.

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AmTrav client (pre-Gather)

Top Challenges

Time-consuming agent-based process with inefficient process, low compliance and lack of booking process control.

Why AmTrav

Simplified solution offers control and compliance with time and resource savings.

AmTrav Highlights

100% support, 100% cost control.

How Etak Events uses AmTrav Gather to simplify
travel planning for dozens of meetings.



Two things make Etak Events stand out from other meeting planners. The first is the repeat business that Etak wins from clients by delivering awesome service and building trusting relationships. 

“Our team builds very close relationships with our clients, and we work with them over and over again,” says Ali Geisler, account manager at Etak Events. Ali continues: “At larger events companies, clients get passed from one planner to the next, but Etak builds consistent relationships working with clients daily – we even get to know their attendees who work with us regularly.”

How many events? One particular medical industry client entrusted Etak to plan and run over 40 events in 2022 across the U.S. and internationally.

Etak plans events of all sizes, from intimate 20-50 attendee meetings to conferences and annual meetings. In particular, “we’ve built a big presence in the optical and pharmaceutical industries,” says Ali, “we help them run great events while enforcing the rules that they need to remain compliant.”

Like many medical education meetings, Etak’s optical clients count on them to coordinate attendees’ travel. For years Etak worked with AmTrav Travel Advisors via spreadsheet and email to book travel. 80% of the time, the process worked, but too often some simple requests turned into long back-and-forth email strings that cost Etak and travelers valuable time.

Gather Meetings Clapping

“Gather removed so much of the back-and-forth, cut down on booking and approval time.”

Ali Geisler, Account Manager

That’s when Etak’s second stand-out trait came in: “I always think there’s room for innovation and improvement,” says Ali, “so I look for ways to improve our efficiency and our attendees’ experience.” 

So when AmTrav reached out to Etak to offer the newly developed Gather platform for planning meetings travel, Ali recognized an opportunity to better serve attendees. 

AmTrav Gather makes coordinating travel faster and easier for Ali and the Etak team. Ali explains Gather’s customizable travel policies: “Gather gives us the control and customization that we need in order to remain compliant for our customers,” says Ali. Then the Etak team invites travelers to book their own flights online in Gather within Etak’s policies – “they love that [Gather gives them the] autonomy to pick their own flights.” “Overall,” says Ali, “Gather removed so much of the back-and-forth communication, cut down on booking and approval time.” 

Ali and the Etak team have used Gather to book more than two hundred travelers for more than a dozen meetings, saving the Etak team hours.

“As a small company we can take ownership over our work and have lots of flexibility to do what works best for our clients – if we see something that could use improvement, we try it out,” says Ali. Whether that’s a new travel solution like Gather or the Uber vouchers that Ali used to increase webinar attendance through COVID – “that was huge to keep us in business through the pandemic!” – Etak is always looking for new and better ways to serve their customers.

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