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Every safe landing on a runway at Atlanta Hartsfield and Miami International Airport is made possible in part by Hi-Lite Airfield Services and its dedicated crews who, in the dark hours of the night, clean and paint airport runways to keep them safe.

Since their beginnings in 1990 painting road markings in upstate New York, Hi-Lite's crews have traveled across the United States and the world to maintain airport runways and taxiways. That's how Hi-Lite achieves its objective to make flying safe for every man, woman and child that boards a plane.

The Problem, Pre-AmTrav

Hi-Lite Airfield Services, a premier airport maintenance firm, used Concur to book crews' travel to job sites across America and the world:

  • Booking crew member travel was slow, one mistake or change meant starting the booking over
  • Changing crew member bookings was frustrating
  • Concur didn't accurately track traveler location

What Hi-lite Needed:

Hi-Lite needed a solution that made booking and changing crews' travel plans easier for their travel coordinators. The ideal solution needed:

  • Allow coordinators to easily book travel for crews with access to all flight, hotel and car rental options
  • Prompt, expert help changing crew itineraries
  • Real-time itinerary and traveler location data

Results With AmTrav

When Hi-Lite switched to AmTrav, they found that:

  • Coordinators could easily shop and book for different crew members, changing a search or switching traveler mid-booking without starting over.
  • Changing crews' itineraries is easy, AmTrav's all-U.S. based Travel Advisor team is ready to help whenever Hi-Lite calls.
  • Coordinators see where Hi-Lite travelers are right now in the AmTrav Traveler Tracker, with straight-from-the-source data in AmTrav's one connected platform.
  • Moreover, AmTrav Travel Reports give travel spending data by job code so Hi-Lite can automatically allocate travel costs.

Because of AmTrav’s all-in-one solution, Hi-Lite saves time and hassle so their crews can focus on their critical work.

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"If we didn't have our crews out there traveling, we wouldn't have a job because they do the dirty work -- literally!" says Julie Hall, Hi-Lite's operations administrator and travel admin.

Julie's a people person who ensures that her crews' travel goes smoothly so her crews can focus on their hard work cleaning and painting airport runways. Hear from Julie about how AmTrav makes travel smoother and easier.

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“I've never been rushed on the phone, and I'm really not on hold ever -- now that I come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been on hold with AmTrav.”
Julie Hall