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Get Real-Time Data & Analytics


Spend your time making informed decisions on travel spending and policy, not double-checking your data.

Data you can Trust

AmTrav gives you data you can analyze, share and make decisions with, with confidence. Right in AmTrav, no extra contract, no extra login.

How it Works

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How Does AmTrav Compare?

Other TMCs

There's an(other) app for that

  • Setup? Not easy. You select a TMC, then you select a booking tool, then you select a travel analytics provider, then you cross your fingers and hope they all work together.
  • Happy travelers? Sure. Bookers and travelers book in the booking tool or with the TMC's consultants, they don't worry about travel spend data.
  • Happy administrators? Not always. After selecting three providers, it turns out that the booking tool doesn't always send accurate data to the analytics tool, and the TMC's consultants don't either, so the administrator has to double-check the data every time data needs to be analyzed or shared.

DIY travel

DIY travel, DIY analytics

  • Setup? Easy, there's nothing to do! Bookers book wherever they want then forward their itineraries and receipts to the administrators for tracking.
  • Happy travelers? Yes, they book wherever they want then forward their itineraries to their administrators, hopefully remembering to forward any itinerary updates and additional charges to the administrators too.
  • Happy administrators? No! Very unhappy! Bookers forward itineraries and receipts for bookings and changes, the administrator has to file them in folders and update the data in spreadsheets, so reporting and reconciliation are nightmares!
“I use the Travel Reports when meeting with my accounting partners at budget time, when meeting with our hotel partners to show how many nights we’ve stayed, or just to know who spent the most, who traveled the most. I love the dashboard, breaks it all down for you, I can download that to Excel -- excellent!”
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Take a Travel Health Check

Does travel drive your productivity or drag you down? Find out now!

Learn More About Travel Reporting

Travel Reports - dashboard-1

See AmTrav's reporting for yourself

We're not shy, check out our documentation on AmTrav's Travel Reports suite (19 reports and counting) for yourself.

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High-level introduction to travel reporting

Don't just dive into the data, take a step back and understand different types of travel data first.

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How to evaluate your current travel data setup

Are you quickly, easily getting the data you need to make smart travel choices, or does gathering and checking data take all your time?

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