AmTrav Gather Meetings Services

Let AmTrav make your meeting travel easy – so you can focus on your meeting.


Hotel sourcing & room block management

Tell us roughly where you'd like to stay and your budget, we'll source properties & rates for you to choose from. Once you decide, we finalize the deal, let your travelers book via Gather at your negotiated rate and facilitate payment.

Turnaround time: three business days.

Available for: groups of 10+ attendees.

Pricing: starts at $150.


Event space, food & beverage sourcing

Need meeting space and something to eat and drink while you meet? Let AmTrav plan these  for you, either alongside your room block or separately.

Turnaround time: three business days.

Pricing: Sourcing starts at $150, fee waived if you also source your room block through AmTrav (above).


Hotel room block management (no sourcing)

If you already have a hotel room block, hand it off to AmTrav so your guests can book through Gather, then AmTrav will manage the rooming list and facilitate payment.

Turnaround time: two business days.

Available for: groups of 10+ attendees.

Pricing: starts at $150.


Airline meeting rate sourcing

Airlines want your meeting business and will give you discounts if you fly them. Let AmTrav negotiate these money-saving discounts then have your travelers book and save through Gather.

Turnaround time: five business days, we recommend 21 days overall so you have time to book.

Best for: 50+ attendees traveling.

Pricing: starts at $100 per airline rate sourced.


Non-Gather events bookings

If you don't want to or can't use Gather for meeting self-booking, AmTrav Travel Advisors can still book offline via spreadsheet, email or phone.

Turnaround time: three business days (larger numbers of travelers may take longer).

Best for: events and meetings where you and your attendees wish to book with AmTrav Travel Advisors.

Pricing: starts at $30 per transaction.

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No Hassles

Planning meeting travel is a pain, between babysitting suppliers, herding your travelers and managing last-minute changes. Leave the sourcing, room block, booking and traveler service to AmTrav, we'll get your travelers there on time and happy.


Save Time

Don't spend your time playing travel agent for your travelers and trying to keep up with your rooming list. With AmTrav Gather your attendees can select their own itineraries within your parameters and policies, and we'll manage your rooming list from start to finish.

Focus on What Matters

Avoiding hassles and saving time when you hire AmTrav to manage your meeting travel means you can focus on planning a great meeting and enjoying the meeting with your attendees — that's what you're best at!





Your attendees have their favorite airlines and preferred departures, but you have to balance those against their costs. AmTrav Gather makes this easy by letting you set travel policies and trip parameters for your attendees to book within — even letting you review and approve each booking if you'd like — so your attendees get the choice they want while you get the control you need.




There are so many details to manage with meeting travel: payment, loyalty numbers, rooming lists and more. Often these details become hassles. But with AmTrav Gather you can securely provide payment, let travelers input their own loyalty numbers, and leave the rooming list to AmTrav to manager.




Who is spending what on this meeting? When and where are your attendees arriving? Too often you can't answer these questions, but AmTrav automatically records every dollar and every trip in your spending and safety tracking reports so you have full visibility.



If your attendees need help updating travel plans or escaping a travel jam they don't need to call you — instead they call AmTrav. AmTrav Travel Advisors are ready to help 24x7 so your attendees get the same fast help at 2 AM that they get at 2 PM — and your phone isn't ringing at 2 AM!