We're Different.

AmTrav's all-in-one solution was built entirely from the ground up to make life easier for travelers and travel bookers.

Order Versus Chaos Chart

Different is Good

Most business travel agencies are the same and that's a problem for the companies and organizations that hire them.

The issue is that most agencies license the components that make up their service. For example, their online booking tool, agent interfaces and reporting tools are built and maintained by other companies. Some if not all customer support is outsourced too. This lack of control is a problem for customers who require a responsive agency partner.

At AmTrav, we've been building all of our technology in-house for over 20 years. This control enables us to respond quickly to our customers. We can and have been building our service directly for their needs. Not being beholden to third party companies enables us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers. It also gives us the flexibility to hire highly experienced AmTrav agents available 24/7 by phone (with no hold times), email and live chat.

Above is a diagram to help visualize the difference between AmTrav (an agency that develops all of its products and services in-house) and the other guys.

The Results

Owning and maintaining all of our own technology enables us to better manage our customers' travel.

Customizable Tools

Need a tweak to the booking tool or travel policy logic? It's easy because we control the software.

Better Uptime

We never have to wait on a third party vendor to fix a problem. We can do it ourselves.

Human Support

Not paying licensing fees to third parties frees us up to offer top tier real human support.


Your feedback combined with our flexibility allows for continuous product improvement.

Let us take away the stress of managing your travel

You’ll have peace of mind knowing we built everything for you