DALLAS, Aug. 13, 2023 – AmTrav, the one connected platform for business travel, announced today the launch of its revamped Change Trips feature set that will make it easy for business travelers to change, cancel, and upgrade their trips without having to speak to a travel advisor. With this new set of features, AmTrav aims to show that, when it comes to making trip changes, corporate travelers can get a great experience in a way that doesn’t compromise their companies ability to keep accurate tabs on their spend and whereabouts.

"Over the last few years the airlines have invested a lot of time and money into making it fast and easy for travelers to change tickets," said AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee. "They’ve really raised the bar and the reality is: corporate booking tools have not kept up. Some think it's ok to expect travelers to have an inferior experience because the savings, control, and visibility their company's get is more important. We think that's a false choice and an unsustainable one. No travel program should have to settle for one or the other."

Sophisticated trip management capabilities have been elusive for corporate booking tools due to the technical complexity of supporting so many different component types (e.g. air, car, hotel), suppliers, and inventory providers. This is especially true for NDC-enabled solutions like AmTrav that aggregate content from multiple sources.

While AmTrav has supported self-service online trip cancelation and unused ticket credit exchanges for many years, the company has now started to rollout new enhancements that will: 

  • Allow travelers to change entire trips at once, including their air, car, and hotel stays.
  • Support changing all or part of their air itinerary, including travel dates and destinations for ticket(s) fully unused or partially flown, single-ticket or split-ticket; or sourced through EDIFACT, NDC, or any other type or combination of multiple supplier connections.
  • Offer travelers during change inquiries both the available options for moving to another flight on the same airline, but also for switching to another airline and retaining the original ticket for credit when it might be more convenient.
  • Take into account applicable travel waivers with a growing number of airlines. For example, if the airline permits free changes due to bad weather or same-day changes,  those options will be easily bookable.
  • Apply company travel policy to trip changes, including new policy parameters that can be configured to specifically address change scenarios.
  • Automatically update company spend reports and traveler tracking in real time, just like with any other booking through AmTrav.

“I’m really proud of the work that our development team has done – with input from our ops and Relationship Management groups – to make this feature a reality for our clients,” continued Jeff. “Just as AmTrav customers average 95% online adoption and rarely need to contact a Travel Advisor to make a booking, we want Change Trips to do the same for all change scenarios. Travelers should only have to reach out to advisors when they choose to, not because their tool forces them.”

AmTrav's Change Trips feature is currently open to a select group of customers, and will be generally available in September.

To see AmTrav’s new Change Trips feature first, stop by booth #2717 at the GBTA Convention 2023 for a demo or contact Susan Altman at

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