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How does AmTrav Compare?

Other TMCs

The '90s called...

  • Setup? Hard. Onboarding takes months, then travelers have to have separate logins and contact information for the booking tool and the TMC.
  • Happy travelers? Not at all! Slow, antiquated booking tools frustrate bookers and travelers, because the booking tool is so slow bookers often research flight options on Google Flights and airline websites before returning to book in the booking tool -- or having to call the TMC if they want to use an unused ticket.
  • Happy administrators? Sometimes. Travel policy is applied, bookings eventually flow over to reporting and traveler tracking -- but those bookers and travelers sure dislike the booking tool and they book outside it every chance they get!

DIY travel

Harder than it looks

  • Setup? Very easy! Bookers and travelers book wherever they want! Maybe the administrator can even write a policy for bookers to interpret and apply on their own.
  • Happy travelers? Yes and no. Travelers can shop and book with their favorite sites, though they have to interpret policy and apply unused tickets themselves, use their own credit cards, remember to forward their itineraries for tracking and reporting, and they're on their own when travel trouble strikes.
  • Happy administrators? No! DIY is a lot of work for the administrator: no way to enforce policy and approvals, no automatic unused tickets or savings tracking, the administrator has to manually collect itineraries for spend reporting and traveler tracking -- and travelers call the administrator at midnight for help!

"I love the ease and convenience of booking economical fares at convenient times that meet my travel needs in AmTrav, AND when my travels have a snafu the staff at AmTrav are AMAZING!"

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