Recently I purchased a ticket through AmTrav which required a refundable return flight but I could only book the initial flight as non-refundable. I contacted customer service who spent the time and effort to get this flight booked properly. The customer service was excellent and very responsive. I did all of this through the on-line chat and it made the process extremely easy. I love using AmTrav for the ease of use and if I need help it is always right at my fingertips.

Scott L, Technology Transfer Services

AmTrav is quick and easy. I travel for work about 10-20 times a year, and each time using AmTrav my itinerary is organized, clear, and convenient. I have never had any issues whether it be travelling to Detroit or Mexico.

Kevin S, Bowles Fluidics

Great company that does the work for you and makes the process very easy.


Hassle-Free... quick and easy.

Michael M, US Health Network

Easy to use. Great customer service.

Frank A, Force Protector Gear

Once I was in New York on business travel. My flight was cancelled which I didn't know until I got to the airport. I simply called the AmTrav number on my reservation email. Someone answered immediately-no wait time at all I don't remember who helped me, but they were totally great. They were empathetic and went to work searching for the next best option. She worked to search the same airline and alternatives, nearby airports, etc.. Finally we found a flight that worked. She booked the flight and sent me the details. This all took less than 5 minutes. Talk about someone to fall back on in a potentially stressful situation. The personal touch here was key for me- it was a million times better than a slow automated system.

Josh H, kCura

You are the best group I have worked with in 20 years in the biz. Right now we are using both online and agents. I am so impressed with the level of service and have recommended you to my friends in the business world.

Rita S., Westone

When flying out of LGA I had a very difficult gate agent that was not going to issue me a boarding pass because of some detail on how the booking was changed. They demanded to see a copy of the credit card used. It is a 'ghost-card' used by our business so there actually is no physical card. The AmTrav agent I contacted actually got on the phone with the gate agent and was very patient - spoke with her for 10-20 minutes and was able to re-book the ticket to the gate agent's satisfaction, and got me onto my flight on time. I don't know what I would have done without her!

Tristan C., APEX Clearing